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AutoBracket is available for you to try free of charge. We will give you a free copy just for asking. You pay nothing to have, test, play with, and learn AutoBracket.

How can we do this? 

We do not charge for AutoBracket. What we do charge is a lease fee for using AutoBracket at your tournament. Much like renting any other piece of property to utilize at your tournament, AutoBracket is rented (or leased).

When you install your free copy of AutoBracket, it will contain two tournaments for your use.
The Demo Tournament is completely filled out, bracketed and ready for you to browse and print reports.The Default Tournament is a blank tournament that you can use to see just how easy it is to build your tournament from scratch. Both Demo and Default tournaments are for demostration or evaluation purposes only.

Someone might think:"Why don't we just use the Default Tournament to run our tournament?". To protect software against misuse, we have built in a little bug that will make the Default and Demo tournaments unusable for a real tournament. While using either of these two tournaments, AutoBracket will scramble the first and last names each time you enter any entrant data.

After you feel comfortable with AutoBracket, you can purchase a custom tournament that we will set up just for you. This custom tournament will be sent to you as an email attachment and will be imported into AutoBracket by you upon receiving it. Your custom tournament will not have the "bug".

We know that some of the smaller clubs have limited budgets so we have come up with a sliding scale pricing scheme that we feel is affordable for small clubs as well as the larger clubs. We would like to discuss the pricing in person on a personal level so please call or email for exact prices.

Tom Sawyer
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