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Frequently Asked Questions

How Do I Contact TrueWind Technologies?

You may contact TrueWind Technologies in any of the following methods.
(402) 440-5876
TrueWind Technologies
218 E. 4th PO Box 226
Hickman, NE 68372

What are the hardware requirements for running AutoBracket

There are no special hardware requirements. Below is a list of what you will need.

  • A basic laptop (or desktop) computer running Windows XP. No additional memory is required.
  • A small USB flash drive.
  • A basic laser printer. The printer needs to be able to print about 15 sheets per minute.
  • A backup computer and printer are always recommended.

Is there a chance that I could lose my data?

No. AutoBracket is constantly writing your changes to your tournament file on your hard drive. Even if the lights would go out and your computer would stop, you would not lose any data. As soon as the computer is rebooted, simply start AutoBracket and resume where you left off.

How do I Guard against hardware failure?

We recommend that you backup your tournament to a separate computer each time you bracket a group or after any significant changes are made such as adding the weights to all of your wrestlers. By using the Export Tournament function on the primary computer and the Import Tournament function on the backup computer, there is no way that a hardware failure can cause you much of a problem.

What do I need to do in advance of my tournament?

Fail to Plan, Plan to Fail. Preperation is the key. If you wait until Friday evening to get ready for a Saturday tournament, you will fail. Below is a list of items to consider before Friday evening.

  • Have AutoBracket installed on at least two computers that will both be at the tournament location.
  • Have some kind of portable data transfer device ready. This can be a floppy or a flash drive. Both if possible, multiples would be better.
  • Have an extra toner cartridge on hand.
  • Have a back up printer on site. Both printers should be installed and tested on both computers well ahead of time. THIS IS VERY IMPORTANT!!!
    Saturday morning is not the time to learn AutoBracket.

I changed the preferences so that my brackets are to be by age instead of by grade.  The groups and brackets did not change, why?

Changing the preferences does not cause the groups and brackets to be recreated.  You must drop the previously created brackets by using the "Brackets" pull down menu.  Then go to the Groups tab and use the "Create Groups" button to recreate the groups.  At this time, the groups may be bracketed again.

Our own tourney will be either a 4 or 5 man round robin with no specific weight classes.  However, our District tourney will be based on a double elim bracket with 8 place winners.  These will be preset weight brackets that could have anywhere from 1 to over 32 kids.  Can AutoBracket do this?

AutoBracket currently has round robin brackets that are designed for 2,3,4,5 and 6 wrestlers. There are 3 different types of 4 man brackets, a 5 man single elim, an 8 man single elim. and an 8 man double elim. formats.

Finally, is there any future thoughts of having AutoBracket RUN the tournament? 

We are working on that part right now. It will be ready for the 2006/2007 season.


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