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TrueWind Technologies Presents AutoBracket  


  • Flexible Data Collection
  • Custom Tournament Options
  • A Unique Handicapping system
  • Custom Brackets and Score Sheets
  • Tournament Statistics and Reports
  • Online Training Videos!


  • No More Large Bracketing Crew!
  • No More Mistakes!
  • No More Stress!
  • No More Late Starts!
  • Beautiful Printed Brackets!
  • You look like a Genius!

AutoBracket is a comprehensive bracketing software designed to automate the bracketing processes that are necessary to run a successful wrestling tournament. It is the ultimate wrestling software for youth wrestling tournaments and youth wrestling programs. AutoBracket will eliminate the guesswork involved in creating brackets and will also eliminate the tedious task of hand writing all of the brackets and score sheets.

Each wrestler is analyzed by AutoBracket and assigned a “Power Rating”. This “Power Rating” is a number assigned to each entrant that describes the entrant’s capabilities compared to their peers. This ranking makes it easy for you to make decisions about pairings. AutoBracket also points out potential problem areas that need your attention and then gives you a complete set of tools to adjust the brackets. AutoBracket re-analyzes the situations as you make changes, keeping you aware of these problem areas.

AutoBracket creates and prints all of the documents for you, making the tedious work of handwriting the brackets and score sheets unnecessary. This also eliminates the inevitable human error caused by fatigue and boredom.

And because all of the data is stored in a database, last minute changes and / or additions are now possible with a few key strokes.

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